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A company providing transportation services to a customer who pays a fare or fee for the service (picked up within Calgary) must be licensed with The City. Download the Livery Transport Bylaw 20M2021 for all licencing requirements and applicable fees.

A company must not advertise, offer, or conduct brokerage operations without a valid City of Calgary brokerage Licence.

Brokerage operations include:

  • Administering taxi and limousine fleets
  • Employing or contracting with one or more persons who are licensed to operate a taxi, a wheelchair accessible taxi or limousine
  • Accepting calls for the dispatch of taxis
  • Accepting calls for contracts for services of limousines


An application is required and upon approval the licence is issued with an expiry date of December 31 (of current year).

All applications must be made in-person at the Vehicle for Hire office.

Application process:

  • Complete licence application
  • Obtain corporate search (dated within 30 days)
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Provide Home Occupation Permit (if applicable)
  • Provide example of written agreements with client
  • Submit completed application to Vehicle for Hire office
  • Pay relevant fees per Schedule B, Livery Transport Bylaw 20M2021
  • An appointment for a Brokerage Inspection will be booked
  • Completion of Brokerage Inspection
  • Appointment for interview will be booked
  • Notice of decision and next steps are mailed

Download the brokerage application.

Once you have completed the above steps please drop off all application information at the Vehicle for Hire office.


The Vehicle for Hire office provides all licensed taxi and limousine brokerages with the renewal packages prior to December’s renewal period.

Download the brokerage renewal application.

Taxi or limousine apps

If a taxi or limousine company has an app for receiving trip requests and collecting the fare/fee, approval from Vehicle for Hire is required. The app is reviewed by Vehicle for Hire licensing team during the application process. Download the Livery Transport Bylaw 20M2021 for the app requirements checklist.


  • Application fee (includes first licence): $1725
  • Annual renewal: $1725