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All taxis picking up and dropping off passengers (for a fee or fare) in Calgary must be licensed with the Vehicle for Hire office. The only exception being when a passenger is picked up outside the city, they may be dropped off in the city.

There are two types of plates:

  • Regular Taxi Plate Licence (TPL)
  • Accessible Taxi Plate Licence (ATPL) for wheelchair accessible taxis

Every licensed taxi operating in the city must have a TPL or ATPL affixed to the back bumper and the vehicle registration process must be completed at the Vehicle for Hire office. Operating an unlicensed taxi may result in enforcement action.

Obtaining a taxi plate

All taxi plates are the property of The City and there are two ways to become a taxi plate holder:

  • Taxi plate selection process initiated by City Council.
  • Taxi plate transfer application process completed at the Vehicle for Hire office involving the current plate holder and a licensed taxi driver (who does not currently hold a TPL or ATPL).

Renewing a taxi plate

Each TPL and ATPL must be renewed every June, regardless of the vehicle status (example: being repaired) and having a driver is not required. If the plate is not renewed within the renewal period, it may be considered abandoned and in accordance to the Livery Transport Bylaw the right to renew is forfeited.


  • First licence fee: $495
  • Annual renewal fee: $495
  • Accessible Taxi Plate Licence (ATPL): $0 (no cost)
  • Replacement plate for taxi or accessible taxi $75
  • Application for Taxi/Accessible Taxi Plate Licence Selection Process $50
  • Transfer application fee: $260
  • Transfer fee (approved): $260

Renew at the Vehicle for Hire office

Hours of operation:

Monday — Friday from 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.
(except stat holidays).

Phone: 403-648-6300

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