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Black Cart garbage collection

The City of Calgary provides black cart garbage collection to single family homes. Black carts are collected every two weeks.

Set your cart out by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Our bins can hold up to 60 kg of material or four standard garbage bags.

If your cart is full, you need to buy tags to put on extra garbage bags for pickup. Place tagged garbage bags 0.5m (2 ft) to the side of the cart.

For more tips, see Using Your Black Cart.

What to do with Styrofoam

All polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) goes in your black cart as garbage, even if marked with the recycling symbol. This includes foam shipping materials, foam coffee cups, foam take-out food containers and meat trays. When Styrofoam is compacted inside the collection truck, it breaks into small pieces that are too small and light to be sorted by the machines during the recycling process. Put all foam materials into a garbage bag before placing in your black cart to prevent them from blowing away during collection.

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What can go in your Black Cart

Using your Black Cart

Using your Black Cart

Customer self-service

Report a missed collection

Request additional carts

Please call 311 to review the options available to you.

Request cart for a new home

Report a missing or damaged cart

Please call 311 to report a broken or missing cart.

For more details, see Replacing Your Cart.

About Black Cart Program

Who receives a cart?

We provide black carts to single family homes up to four units, as long as they are not part of an apartment or condominium.

Black Cart fee
Monthly Rate 2020/2021

Black Cart Fee ($ per 30 days)


Your monthly cart program fees are not a "per-collection" fee but cover all the components of the residential cart programs, including providing carts to Calgarians, pickup from your home, disposing of material as well as education and program support.

Black cart service is moving from property tax support to a user fee on your bill. To learn more, visit Residential Waste Rates.

If your black cart is full and you have extra bags of garbage that will not fit, you will need to buy tags to put on extra garbage bags for pickup.

If you are aware of illegal dumping, please contact 311 to report the issue.

How landfills work

When your black cart garbage is picked up, it is taken to one of three City of Calgary landfills for disposal.

Other disposal options

Take your residential waste to one of three landfill sites.

Find a community recycling bin location near you.

Recycle your old and unused electronics for free.

Dispose of household hazardous waste at our drop-off locations.