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Black Cart Collection - Garbage Tag Program

Tags for extra bags of garbage

Starting October 1, 2020, if your black cart is full and you have extra bags of garbage that will not fit, you will need to buy tags to put on extra garbage bags for pickup.

Where to buy garbage tags

Tags are $3 each and are available through the following options.

  1. Buy at a participating convenience store or grocery store:
  1. Buy online at (Tags are sold in bundles of five)
  2. Visit a Calgary Transit Customer Service Centre
  3. Visit City Hall Cashiers (Only cash or debit are accepted at this location)

How to use the extra garbage tags

  1. Fill your black cart first.
  2. Place extra garbage in a bag and tie closed. Peel off backing and wrap tag around the knot.
  3. On collection day, place tagged garbage bags 0.5 metres (2 feet) to the side of your black cart. 
  • If there is no sticker, your collection driver will not pick up the bag.
  • There is no expiry and no refunds on the garbage tags.
  • Tags are for bagged garbage only. Do not leave unbagged items outside of your black cart.
  • Garbage bags must be no larger than 66 cm x 90 cm (26 in x 35 in).
  • Each bag must weigh less than 20 kg (44 lb). If you can lift the bag with one hand, it’s probably okay.
  • Tags are for residential black cart customers only. Extra garbage tags are not required for businesses or multi-family complexes. Tags are not valid at City landfills.

Tags are not required for paper yard waste bags used for yard waste as part of the Green Cart program.

Why do we have a garbage tag program?

  • About four per cent of homes put out extra garbage on collection day. The Tag-a-Bag Program is a first step towards greater fairness in our garbage collection fees.
  • Homes that divert waste into the blue and green carts will be less likely to need to buy tags for extra garbage.
  • We encourage everyone to think about what they’re buying and throwing away. Sorting materials correctly helps maximize the use of all three carts, and reduce the amount of garbage put out for collection.
  • Find out where and how to dispose of your everyday items at What Goes Where.

What if my neighbours use my black cart for their extra garbage?

  • If you have extra bags of garbage, be sure to talk with your neighbor before you put anything in their cart. We encourage you to be neighbourly and share any extra space in carts as long as you both agree to it.
  • If you are concerned about others adding materials to your carts, we suggest you store your bins on your property when they are not set out on collection day.
  • If you are aware of illegal dumping, please contact 311 to report the issue.