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Looking for more information about a Water Services construction project, repair, or improvement? Did you receive a customer notification about Water Services work in your area?

This page contains information about how we send construction notices, how we mark the ground for work, and what equipment we use and when.

Active construction projects
See a list of our current water construction projects at Water Construction, Upgrades and Repairs.

If you would like to know about residential road closures due to water construction or other activities, visit our Calgary Traffic Report page.

Water outages and main breaks
Find a list of current water outages and main breaks at Water Outages and Main Breaks. If you see a water main break, please call 311.

Water construction notices

When working on construction activities, we do our best to notify citizens. However, in some situations we may not be able to provide the exact details or timeframes of the repair. If you were not notified of a service interruption, it may be because:

  • We are fixing a large/potentially damaging leak that required immediate work
  • We are working late evening/early morning and did not want to disturb you
  • Nobody was home - in these cases, we try to leave a notice with you

If we are working in your community and you would like to know more information, please call 311.

If property rehabilitation services are required after our construction work is complete, we will leave a notification. Learn more by visiting Water Construction Property Rehab.

Contractor construction notice

Some water construction projects are done by external contractors. In these situations, you may receive a notice letter from our contractor with a City of Calgary logo on top.

In most cases, our contractor will leave their direct contact information on the notice in case you have any questions about the work they are doing.

If you have any questions and a number is not available, please complete an online service request or call 311.

Temporary water line customer notice

For water main replacements we may be required to set up a temporary water line to a citizen's house. If you are not at home, we will leave a notice letting you know that our crews have arrived to hook up a temporary water service line to your house.

If you have any questions about how a temporary water line works, when it is used and how it impacts you, please visit Temporary Water Lines.

Water construction markings on ground

Utility Markings Example
Example of utility markings on the ground

If you see markings on the ground and want to know what utility they are for, please visit Utility Safety Partners or call 1-800-242-3447. They will be able to tell you which utility is planning work at that location.

You can also learn more about the markings by visiting Utility Safety Partner's marking colour code explanations.

Construction equipment for water projects

When working on construction projects, Water Services uses a variety of equipment, which to save time and money, is stored on site while the work is performed.

If you have questions about the equipment being used, where it is placed, or if a piece of equipment has been left behind, please visit Water Construction Equipment Pickup.

Water system repairs and improvements

If you are looking for information on water, sewer or stormwater line size (diameter), age, construction materials or failure history, please contact 311.

Please note: When requesting historical reports on The City of Calgary water system, a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy request is required.

The exception is in situations where the sewer system is in close proximity to a property owner's residence, and they require information for construction and/or renovation for private use. For more details visit Water and Sewer Connections.