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Cemetery special events


The City of Calgary helps citizens honour loved ones buried in City cemeteries through several annual special events.

Mum for Mom

Mums for Mom on Mother's Day

Each year around Mother's Day, Calgary Cemeteries gives away a free chrysanthemum flower to anyone who would like to remember a Mother interred in a municipal cemetery. More information.

Daisies for Dad

Daisies for Dad on Father's Day

Each year around Father’s Day Calgary Cemeteries gives away a free daisy flower to anyone who would like to remember a Father buried in a City cemetery. More information.


Cross in Union Cemetery

Remembrance Day ceremonies

Calgary Cemeteries provides space for annual Remembrance Day ceremonies in select cemeteries. Information regarding these ceremonies will be posted closer to Remembrance Day.


Holiday remembrance

Holiday season remembrance

The City understands that the holiday season can be a very difficult time as you remember those who have passed on. Therefore starting December 1  each year, we encourage you to reflect upon happy memories by placing a personal ornament or memento upon one of our holiday trees. More information.