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Locate a grave

The City has created an online cemetery map and search tool to help you find the final resting place of a loved one within a City cemetery. Use your computer or smart device to search: Burnsland Cemetery, Chinese Cemetery, Prairie Sky Cemetery, Queen’s Park Cemetery and Mausoleum, St. Mary’s Cemetery, St. Mary’s Pioneer Cemetery and Union Cemetery.

How to use the map:

  1. On the left-hand side, select the name of the cemetery you wish to search.
  2. Enter First Name and Last Name of the person you wish to find.
  3. For an Advanced Search, select the magnifying glass and enter any known name information.

Locate a loved one in a Calgary cemetery

What types of information can I find?

  1. Year and month of burial
  2. Age at the time of death
    • If the age field is blank or reads ‘0’, this information was not provided to The City of Calgary.
  3. Location – lot, block, section
    • A search query may produce more than one search result. Choose the name of your loved one from the list and the map will indicate the location of the grave with a purple dot.
    • All City cemeteries, with the exception of St. Mary’s Pioneer Cemetery and the Chinese Cemetery, are organized first by lot numbers, then by numbered blocks, and further into lettered sections. Note: Section letters are not necessarily representative of a person’s last name.
    •  St. Mary’s Pioneer Cemetery is organized by numbered lot, lettered blocks, then numbered sections.
    • The Chinese Cemetery has lots divided into blocks, but no sections; all queries within this cemetery will simply produce the section “CHINESE” in all search results. 
    • The Queen’s Park Mausoleum is organized into numbered lots, lettered blocks and then into three sections: MA, MB or MC.
    • All lots, blocks and sections are clearly labelled by signage within each cemetery. Be sure to record and bring this information to locate a loved one when visiting a cemetery.

What if I can’t find my loved one on the map?

  • First, try double-checking your spelling and ensure that you’ve selected the correct cemetery.
  • If you continue to experience issues, please contact our Queen’s Park Administration Offices at 403-221-3660.

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