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Green burials at Prairie Sky Cemetery

Green burials at Prairie Sky Cemetery

Environmentally friendly and affordable

What are green burials?

Green burials are designed to reduce environmental impacts and ensure a legacy of protecting the land where those who passed are laid to rest. They emphasize sustainability and simplicity, and offer you the chance to continue a lifetime of caring for the environment as part of your loved one’s last wishes.

We are a Green Burial Certified Provider.

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Five principles of a green burial

No embalming

Green burials are completed without the use of embalming chemical agents. Decomposition is thought of as nature’s way of returning a body back to the earth. Families who choose green burial find peace of mind knowing their loved one’s remains are interred with minimal environmental impacts.

Direct to earth burial

Remains are wrapped in a natural, biodegradable shroud and buried directly into the earth. You may also use a fully degradable casket or container that ideally is locally sourced. No outside grave liners or protective vaults are permitted.

Ecological restoration and conservation

We will preserve the natural ecology of green burial land at Prairie Sky by planting native prairie grasses and shrubs that integrate the interment area into the site’s prairie ecosystem. Families and friends are also encouraged to stay on carefully designed walking pathways and use memorial benches when visiting loved ones.

Communal memorialization

Following the ideals of simplicity and environmental protection, individual memorials and decorations are not permitted on the site. Instead, we established a beautiful granite memorial with plaques for families to inscribe names, dates and short epitaphs. This leaves the Prairie Sky green burial section as a living memorial for loved ones interred there.

Optimized land use

We designed the green burial interment area to maximize the number of grave spaces, including minimal landscaping and infrastructure. Bodies are interred in the next available plot, rather than using pre-selected or reserved plots. This allows minimal disruption to the land and surrounding environment, aiding in its return to a natural state.

Desciption Price
Green Burial (Prairie Sky) $3,808.33
Green Burial Trundle (lowering support for shrouds, wicker caskets) $265.33

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