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The City of Calgary offers a wide variety of affordable products and services to commemorate your loved one. Making final arrangements can be overwhelming, whether you are planning unexpectedly or planning ahead. With over 100 years of combined experience, our caring, knowledgeable and professional staff can help you choose the best option at a reasonable cost.


How we can help

Cemetery choices are personal and address many traditional, cultural, religious and personal beliefs. Our primary role is to provide a final resting space for your loved one, whether through ground burial, crypt entombment, cremation, or with memorialization products, like headstones and markers.  Our professional staff can work directly with you and your loved ones by calling 403-221-3660 or emailing

When to contact a licensed funeral home

We also work closely with licensed funeral homes. Among other things, funeral homes can help:

  • hold and transport a body
  • obtain a death certificate
  • arrange the funeral, memorial and/or burial service
  • prepare the obituary
  • help notify the deceased's employer, attorney, insurance company and banks
  • support you with the application for social assistance to cover the cost of funeral arrangements, if you have questions please contact Queen's Park Cemetery at 403-221-3660.
  • offer grief support or direct you to other resources

Be sure to speak with your funeral home director about the information you see on our website.

Casket burial services

We offer a variety of burial interment options that include upright monuments or flat marker burial plots.

Learn about our casket burial options.

Green burials

Prairie Sky Cemetery offers Calgary’s first green burial option.

Learn more about green burials.

Cremation interments

The cremated remains of a loved one may be kept in an urn as a keepsake, placed in a mausoleum or columbarium niche, scattered in a garden or buried alongside family.

Learn about our cremation interment options.


Cremation urns

We offer urns in a variety of materials, shapes, colours, styles and sizes that can be customized to honour the individual they represent.

View our cremation urn options online.

Monuments and memorialization

Whether you choose a casket burial or cremation, We offer a wide selection of timeless monuments and memorialization options, including upright or flat markers, and bronze memorial wall or crypt plaques.

View our monuments and memorialization options online.

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