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Calgary's smart city approach

We are proud of what’s been done and inspired by what’s to come. Now and in the future, all Calgarians benefit from a smart city. Through innovative solutions, a smart city delivers real value to citizens and businesses, and has the potential to improve every aspect of community life.

Find out how we’ve used a smart cities approach to help Calgarians. We’re always looking for opportunities to be a smarter city and invest in what’s important to make our citizens’ lives better.


Smart cities


<div class="ExternalClass2FDF6A3045294012A0CF0A1123E7593F"><p>We’re making smart investments help build a resilient and diverse economy.</p> <br /> <p><a href="/darkfibre" target="_blank">Dark fibre access</a> helps connect local businesses to the world.</p> <br /> <p>Also check out:</p> <p><a href="/CA/city-manager/Pages/About-Us/OurStrategy-Economic-Resilience.aspx" target="_blank">Economic Resilience Strategy</a></p> <p><a href="/CS/IIS/Pages/City-online/City-Online.aspx" target="_blank">CITYonline</a></p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Open Data Catalogue</a></p> <p><a href="/cfod/finance/Pages/Policies/Sustainable-Environmental-and-Ethical-Procurement-Policy-SEEPP/Sustainable-Environmental-and-Ethical-Procurement-Policy-SEEPP.aspx" target="_blank">Procurement Policy</a></p> <p><a href="/CS/IIS/Pages/Services/CASPER.aspx" target="_blank">Survey Plan Verification (CASPAR)</a></p> <br />​</div>, Smart Economy



Earn a good living

Earn a good living

We’re making smart investments help build a resilient and diverse economy.

Dark fibre access helps connect local businesses to the world.

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Economic Resilience Strategy


Open Data Catalogue

Procurement Policy

Survey Plan Verification (CASPAR)

Empowerment and inclusion

Empowerment and inclusion

We support an inclusive society with access to 21st century communication technology.

Free public Wi-Fi lets you stay connected at LRT stations and City facilities.

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Civic Innovation YYC

Council Meetings Online


Urban Alliance

myProperty Online Mapping

Enjoy a healthy environment

Enjoy a healthy environment

We are responsible stewards of our air, land and water.

LED streetlights provide better quality street lights while reducing electricity consumption.

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Green cart pilot

Green fleet program


Renewable energy

Solar potential map

Live an active & healthy life

Live an active & healthy life

Innovation enhances vibrant communities and provides a high quality of living and opportunities for citizens to actively participate.

Public art web map allows you to plan your own art walking tour, online.

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Events Calendar

Move around my community

Move around my community

Smart solutions provide convenient, affordable, accessible and efficient transportation choices.

Calgary Transit App lets you easily look up schedules, get real-time bus arrivals or trip plan, on the go.

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Downtown Cycle Track

Pedestrian Strategy

Road Conditions Map

LRT payment by cash/debit/credit

Pathway/Bikeway Online Mapping

Traffic Management Centre

Feel safe and secure

Feel safe and secure

Data and connected technology helps make our community more resilient and safe.

Flood & River Monitoring helps citizens stay up to date on current conditions.

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Public Safety map

Calgary Police - The Hub

Affordable Housing

Calgary Housing Company

Community Housing Affordability Collective

Smart collaborations

University of Calgary teleport particle over City fibre network

Find out how university researchers are furthering their discoveries using City infrastructure.

Watch video and read the Tech Times article "Researchers beam light particle across fiber network, sets quantum teleportation record"

Dark Matter YYC

Dark Matter YYC is an experiment about shaping the technology-driven smart city from the perspective of citizens. Learn more at