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Fall yard waste cleanup options for 2019

Filling your green cart

  • Always fill your green cart first - put yard waste directly inside the cart
  • If your cart is full, fill paper yard waste bags and roll the tops of the bags closed

Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected. Please empty yard waste into the green cart or transfer into paper yard waste bags.

Extra yard waste bags and branches

  • Tie extra branches into bundles with natural fibre string
  • Make sure branches are less than six inches in diameter and four feet in length
  • Place extra paper yard waste bags and bundled branches at least one foot to the side of your green cart

During this busy time, we will collect material in green carts, but may limit the number of extra paper yard waste bags we pick up to make sure everyone gets service.

If some of your extra bags are not picked up, store them on your property until the next week's collection. For more yard waste tips, see Using Your Green Cart.

Weight restrictions

Carts have a 60 kg weight limit. If you can easily roll the cart, it should be okay.

Paper yard waste bags have a 20 kg weight limit. Make sure bags are rolled up and can be easily lifted.

Green Cart Compost Giveaway
Make sure your green cart and extra bags are not too heavy. If the cart can be rolled easily, that should be okay.

Fall yard waste drop-off at City Landfills - Sept. 27 to Oct. 27, 2019

Residents can bring extra yard waste to a City of Calgary Landfill for FREE from September 27 to October 27, 2019.

Commercial customers with yard waste will be subject to regular Landfill Fees at City landfills. Commercial loads are not accepted at Shepard.

On Weekends

69 St. and 112 Ave. N.W.
East Calgary
17 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
114 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
Saturday Open Open Throw 'N' Go
Sunday Closed Open Closed

On Weekdays:

69 St. and 112 Ave. N.W.
East Calgary
17 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
114 Ave. and 68 St. S.E.
Monday Open Open Throw 'N' Go
Tuesday Open Open Throw 'N' Go
Wednesday Open Open Throw 'N' Go
Thursday Open Open Throw 'N' Go
Friday Open Open Throw 'N' Go

For faster service, we suggest visiting the landfill on a weekday or before 9 a.m. on weekends when wait times are shorter. For more details, including our hours of operation, visit Landfill Locations and Hours and Landfill Throw 'N' Go.

Yard waste questions and answers

What free yard waste can I bring to a City landfill?

This is useful for residential households that would like to dispose of extra material quicker or for yard waste that is too large for your green cart.

  • Loads should only have yard waste like leaves, branches, plants and grass clippings
  • We do not accept sod or food waste as they can't be composted in this program
  • Please shake soil off of plants and roots

If your load contains sod, food waste or other garbage, you will be charged the basic garbage (sanitary) rate and the material will go to the landfill.

How do I prepare my yard waste?

Put yard waste in paper yard waste bags or leave it loose. If you use plastic bags, you will have to empty them at the composting pad or bin at the landfill. Please cover and secure your loads of yard waste before transporting.

What is the cost?

The Fall Yard Waste drop-off program is free for residential customers only. There is no charge for dropping off residential yard waste during the program unless you bring other garbage at the same time.

Why isn't sod or food waste accepted for composting at City landfills?

The yard waste material collected through this program is taken directly to the outdoor composting pads at City landfills. These compost pads are not permitted to accept food waste and cannot process sod.

You can put sod or food waste into your green cart (material from the green cart program goes to the indoor composting facility that can process these materials).

Can I bring yard waste to the landfill other times of the year?

Yes. All of our landfills accept yard waste year-round; however, the yard waste rate applies at other times of year. See our Landfill Rates.

Where can I get free mulch?

Some larger yard waste branches are chipped into mulch (wood chips) and made avaialble for Calgarians to use.

Free mulch is currently available at the Spyhill Landfill and the East Calgary Landfill. Mulch is available for both residential and commercial customers.

You are responsible for loading mulch into your own vehicle. The mulch can be used around evergreens, for yard and garden use, and is helpful for water retention and weed control.

Please note: The mulch is acidic and may affect tender annuals such as plants and flowers. Consult your local greenhouse for more information.