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Flooding in Calgary: Stay informed

Calgary is at its greatest risk of flooding from May 15 to July 15. Stay up to date with conditions and ensure you are prepared to act.

Emergency notification resources

Flooding occurs quickly and with little warning. To stay connected, keep track of the resources below:

  • Watch and listen to local media stations.
  • Listen for and sign up for Alberta emergency alerts.
    Alberta Emergency Alerts interrupt local broadcasting on television and radio stations with information about the emergency. You can also download the AEA app to a smart device to receive notifications.
  • Check the Alberta Environment Advisories and Warnings page.
    To see advisories there, select “Advisories” from the top left menu.
  • Download Alberta Environment's river monitoring app for iOS or Android.
  • Check The Weather Network for the latest weather advisories.
  • Check Environment Canada for weather advisories posted by the Government of Canada.

City of Calgary alerts and notices

In the event emergency response measures are needed, The City will share information via local media, social media and on The City's website.


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