When can I return home after a flood?

The City of Calgary will lift the evacuation order when it's safe for people to return home from a flood.

Fire crews will go into evacuated areas to conduct a general assessment and determine which homes can be re-occupied and when.

The message that you can return to your home will be relayed via this City of Calgary website, by news media, by staff at the reception centres and 311.

Current flood status

Do you live in a flood zone?
See Calgary's Flood Map.

Is it flooding?
See Alberta's current river flow.

Stay informed
View flood alerts and notices.

Steps to take when you reach your home

Look for a notice
Check for notices from ATCO, ENMAX and/or The City of Calgary Building Inspections depending on the current assessed status of your home.

Look for water in your basement
Check for water in your basement and contact the Fire Department through 311 to help pump out the water.

Check if your natural gas is working
If your natural gas isn't working, contact ATCO at 403-245-7222. Or if you have a red City of Calgary Inspection Notice, perform the actions indicated on the notice. Once you have completed the actions shown on the notice, call 311 to book an inspection.

Check if your electricity is working
If you have no electricity, contact ENMAX at 403-514-6100. Or if you have a red City of Calgary Inspection Notice, perform the actions indicated on the notice. Once you have completed the actions shown on the notice, call 311 to book an inspection.

Steps when you reach your apartment or condo
Contact your building manager or condominium management company. They will be responsible for ensuring power and gas services and building inspections are made to ensure the building is safe.

Cleaning your home after a flood
See what steps to take to safely clean your home - visit Cleaning Up After a Flood.

Health risks associated with flooding

Floodwater is heavily polluted with viruses, bacteria and parasites. When building materials and furniture become wet with floodwater, they can pose serious health risks for homeowners.

Flooding and mold
Failure to remove contaminated materials and reduce moisture after a flood can result in mold growth. Mold can cause serious long-term health risks for homeowners, such as respiratory disease and allergic reactions.

People with mold allergies or compromised immune systems are most at risk of potential illness. Mold can also cause damage to building materials long after a flood.

Additional health-related information

A flood event can be an extremely stressful and traumatic experience. Truly, the most important thing to take care of post-flood is yourself. It’s important to reach out to family, friends or local support networks, to ensure you have an opportunity to process the event and get support.

The Calgary Distress Centre has a 24-hour crisis line, among other counselling services, for any Calgarians who find themselves in need of some support. Other valuable resources are Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary  and Alberta Health Services – Addiction and Mental Health.

You can also find more information, including what protective clothing and footwear is necessary, at our cleaning up page.If you have concerns about drinking water quality, please call 311.