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Flood and River Monitoring Program

The City of Calgary's river engineers keep a watchful eye on Calgary's watersheds.

For flooding and drought, this involves monitoring:

  • Rain and snow
  • Snowpack depth
  • River and creek flows
  • Reservoir levels
  • Soil moisture
  • Weather models
  • Water use and demand

We work with partner organizations, the Alberta River Forecast Centre, irrigation groups, internal groups and other municipalities to understand watershed conditions that may impact Calgary. When required, we adjust our operations based on that information.

Depending on conditions, we may make operational changes to the Glenmore Reservoir, and we also work with partners such as TransAlta when required. And if necessary, we will start taking other actions, following our emergency response plans.

Calgary River Monitoring Program
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Current conditions and river status

Check Alberta’s River Monitoring Centre for Bow and Elbow River flow information. To see advisories there, select “Advisories” from the top left menu.

Download Alberta Environment's river monitoring app for iOS or Android issued by the Alberta's River Forecast Centre.

Stay informed during an emergency

Because river floods can happen quickly and with little warning, it is important Calgarians are prepared and informed.