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Where can cannabis be consumed?

Under the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw, cannabis may be consumed on private property. Consumption of recreational cannabis is prohibited in any form (smoking, vaping, or edibles) in Calgary’s public places.

An exemption to the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw exists for medical cannabis. Medical cannabis consumers must still obey the City’s Smoking and Vaping Bylaw and Alberta’s Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act.

The Cannabis Consumption Bylaw is enforceable by the Calgary Police Service, City of Calgary community peace officers and Calgary Transit peace officers.

Violating the bylaw can mean a $100 ticket.

Calgarians can contact 3-1-1 to report a potential violation of the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw.

The City of Calgary undertook extensive research and engagement to hear how Calgarians wanted public consumption of cannabis regulated. Our rules reflect the concerns and opinions Calgarians expressed to us.

Prohibiting public consumption of recreational cannabis is also based on best practice. Public consumption is prohibited in American states where cannabis is legal, including Colorado, California, and Nevada. Public consumption is also not allowed in about half of the Canadian provinces and territories.

It’s important to know that public consumption rules for cannabis vary across provinces and municipalities. If you are travelling, check local rules.


Using cannabis on private property

Under Provincial and Municipal laws, a person is allowed to smoke, vape or otherwise consume cannabis on their private property.

The City of Calgary does not regulate use on private property.

On private property, The City views cannabis smoke in the same way as tobacco smoke. It may be annoying to some, but it is legal.

Cannabis can produce a strong smell that can be considered unpleasant. If you consume at home, consider smoking indoors or in areas that are not near neighbours’ doors or windows. Please be courteous.

Unless smoke is over and above what one could expect from day-to-day activities, it is considered part and parcel of city living.

Using cannabis on rental property and in condos

Check building rules with your landlord or condo board.  ​​

Landlord/tenant agreements or condo bylaws may forbid cannabis consumption.


Designated cannabis consumption areas

Festivals and events in Calgary may apply to provide a designated cannabis consumption area, similar to a beer garden. 

Councillors can start a process to designate a public cannabis consumption area in their Ward. The process includes public engagement in which community residents can give feedback on a proposed designated area. Locations are approved or rejected through a Public Hearing of Council, at which citizens may speak. Calgarians may reach out to their Councillor to express interest in having a designated area in their community.

At this time, Council has not yet approved any designated cannabis consumption areas. If Council approves them in the future, locations will be available on this page.

Cannabis cafés

Currently, there are no licensed premises – such as smoking lounges, cannabis cafes or specialized bars – in which cannabis can be consumed. This may change in the future as it is addressed by the federal and provincial governments.

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