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Refrigerators and freezers - Frequently asked questions

Can I store refrigerators or freezers on my property?

According to the Community Standards Bylaw 32M2023, any household appliances, including refrigerators and freezers, cannot be stored outside in such a way that they can be seen from outside of the property. When they are outside, any doors on the appliances must be secured or removed.

How much can The City charge a property owner who neglects this bylaw?

A peace officer will follow standard procedures for dealing with a refrigerator/ freezer complaint. This includes first trying to resolve the problem through education and voluntary compliance. The specified penalty for an improperly stored refrigerator or freezer is $300.

How long does a complaint last before I must call in and file another one?

If the bylaw is violated, our department will take care of your complaint for you. The issue will be addressed and it will not be necessary to re-file a complaint. If the peace officer finds that this is not an illegal issue, the neighbours may contact The Community Mediation Calgary Society to assist them in resolving the issue.

Why can't I keep my refrigerator in the backyard?

Refrigerators or freezers with unlocked doors or hinges still attached are absolutely not allowed as they are a safety concern. Children may climb inside and become trapped resulting in injury or even death.

I put my refrigerator in the back lane - why won't the garbage collectors take it away?

Under the Waste and Recycling Bylaw 20M2001, The City is not required to collect materials not normally included with refuse from a dwelling (including refrigerators). The City also does not collect refuse weighing more than 20 kg. As a property owner, you are responsible for properly disposing of your refrigerators/ freezers at your local landfill. A Freon removal fee will be charged at that time.​​​​

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