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City declares State of Local Emergency. Water restrictions and Fire ban in place. Our water is safe to drink.

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How bad does the weed problem have to be before a peace officer will come out?

We respond to all calls. A notice may be issued:

  • If the grass is longer than 6 inches (15 cm) tall.
  • If certain types of weeds are growing.
  • If the lack of maintenance on the property has created a fire hazard.

I received a weed notice. Who complained about me?

This information is confidential. We can only tell you whether our investigation is the result of a complaint, or if the peace officer was in the area and initiated the investigation.

What gives inspectors the right to enter a private property?

All weed inspectors are sworn in under the provincial Weed Control Act, and are authorized to enforce pertinent City of Calgary bylaws. These statutes give Animal & Bylaw Services officers the authority to enter on to private land.

I received a notice stating that if I don't mow the yard and laneway, the City will do it and charge me. I'm renting this house. What are my responsibilities?

The City of Calgary automatically bills the property owner for the cost of cleaning-up the weeds, although we do issue a copy of the notice to tenants. We do not get involved in arrangements made between landlords and tenants regarding responsibility for yard maintenance.

I have a back alley. What am I responsible for maintaining?

Citizens are responsible for maintaining the area behind their fence up to the alleyway.

A City crew was spraying in the park beside my property and the spray has gone on to my flowers and vegetable garden. What can I do?

Please contact 3-1-1 to file a claim.

My neighbour and I can't solve our dispute. What do we do now?

The best way to approach the problem is step by step:

  • Educate yourself. Gather as much information as possible about the situation and options for dealing with this situation.
  • Talk to your neighbour. Share the information you gathered and discuss options for resolving the problem. Ask if you can work on this together.
  • Call Community Mediation Calgary ​Society at (403) 269-2707 to help you and your neighbour resolve the dispute.

How do I apply for a herbicide applicator certificate?

Please contact Alberta Environment at (403) 297-7602.

I am concerned about the use of pesticides by a company doing work in the neighbourhood. Who should I talk to?

Please contact Alberta Environme​nt at (403) 297-5959.

What can I use to control my weeds?

We cannot recommend specific products. Contact a horticultural representative or a garden centre for information.

Are there environmentally friendly approaches to yard and garden care?

The City of Calgary YardSmart​ provides guidelines for beautiful and healthy yards by using an environmentally friendly approach to yard, lawn, and garden care. Please visit this program for more information on how to maintain a healthy lawn that can resist weeds.​​