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Preventing and controlling weeds is an important part of building healthy looking communities that everyone can enjoy. Private property owners must control the growth of noxious weeds and must destroy any prohibited noxious weeds on their property as regulated by the Weed Control Act S.A. 2008, c. W-5.1 and the Community Standards Bylaw.

Preventing weeds

Follow these tips to maintain a healthy lawn that can resist weeds:

  • Make sure you have 15-29 cm of loam to establish a lawn. Be sure to aerate (poke holes in your lawn) and then top-dress with a loam/sand mix to improve the soil surface.
  • Water your lawn every seven-10 days (depending on weather conditions) with 2.5-3 cm of water.
  • Keep grass height at 4-5 cm.
  • Aerate your lawn in the fall or spring.
  • Apply fertilizer to a growing lawn. This will improve the lawn's colour, root growth, and increase resistance to disease and weeds.

Controlling weeds

If you have a weed problem:

  • Mow, hand pull or hoe weeds.
  • Talk to a gardening expert.
  • If the problem is severe, you might consider using herbicides. Be sure to talk to experts beforehand so they can tell you how to use products safely.

Common weeds in Calgary

Below is a list of the most common noxious and prohibited weeds in Calgary. Follow the links for information to help you identify and control each week. A complete list of plants that are designated as prohibited noxious and noxious can be found in theWeed Control Regulation. We strongly suggest Calgarians consult the list prior to purchasing plants.

Canada thistle
Common tansy
Diffuse knapweed
Leafy spurge
Nodding thistle
Scentless chamomile
Spotted knapweed