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Property Assessment

Property Assessment

Prepares property value assessments to distribute local taxes

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Service description

Property Assessment service measures the value of properties in the corporate limits of the city of Calgary and fairly and equitably allocates property taxes based on these values. We then prepare, communicate, and defend these property assessments.

We are mandated by The City’s and Government of Alberta's legislated requirement for market value property assessments. These assessments provide a basis for the fair and equitable distribution of property taxes which are then invested into delivery of public services, and to not-for-profit organizations.

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Service performance

in 2018

in 2018

Service cost

Per property assessment account

What we heard

You’re satisfied overall with Property Assessment, but non-residential results are less positive. We are committed to addressing this decreased satisfaction with non-residential properties, as they aren’t a large number of overall properties, but do comprise a significant proportion by assessed value- which is what affects property tax dollars.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

Council has directed that we continue to contribute to a modern and efficient municipal government. We are to focus on resilience and continuous improvement to make life better every day for Calgarians. Ensuring our preparation, communications, and defence of property assessments is clear, transparent and fair is an ongoing goal which we strive to improve.
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