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Solutions for Achieving Value and Excellence (SAVE)

Faced with a continued economic downturn and the impacts of COVID-19, we are taking bold and immediate action to deliver services more affordably and to strengthen our community’s future.

The Solutions for Achieving Value and Excellence (SAVE) program is helping The City review existing initiatives and look for new solutions to modernize our service delivery while continuing to keep citizens at the center of our decisions.

SAVE is designed to enhance The City's financial sustainability and resilience. By increasing service efficiency and effectiveness, SAVE reduces the cost of government and improves the service value that citizens receive. The program also strengthens public trust and confidence through increased engagement, innovation and modernization.

The SAVE Program has three goals:


How does SAVE work?

City staff have partnered with consultants at Ernst and Young (EY) and are working together to deliver a program that citizens can trust to be rigorous, inclusive and efficient.

SAVE involves three stages: ideas, opportunities and business cases. Ideas originating from various sources are collected and reviewed against several prioritization criteria:

Ideas that meet the criteria above are prioritized for development into opportunities, which are then reviewed and potentially approved for refinement into business cases. The Program’s “funnel process” then features business cases receiving further review prior to potential integration into The City’s annual plan and budget adjustments. Benefits are realized after business cases are approved and implemented.

What is the status of the SAVE program?

The SAVE program is targeting at least $75.2 million in operational savings by 2022. In November 2020, during Mid-Cycle Adjustments, The City received approval for adjustments based on 22 SAVE program business cases. Through SAVE’s strategic approach to cost savings, The City exceeded its 2021 target of $24 million and was able to identify $26 million in net base budget savings, $1 million in revenue and additional one-time savings.

The program is now simultaneously working to implement the approved business cases and identifying projects that will contribute to the 2022 financial target of $51.2 million in savings. Informed by feedback from front-line employees, Council and Calgarians, the SAVE team has undertaken a rigorous and strategic approach to savings and modernization and is well-positioned to achieve the operational savings required.