Development and Building Professionals Hub

Development and building application types

The following application links outline all the information necessary for you to make your application. Only applications that are complete will be accepted.

Applications and materials submitted must be clear, legible and precise. All plans must be clear of any previous approval stamps and/or notations.

Development applications

Pre-application meetings

The City will review and comment on applications before they are submitted

Call 403-268-5311

Outline plan

Outline Plan is the process of proposing subdivision plans

Call 403-268-5343

Land use redesignation

Changing the land use district of a property for development that is currently not allowed


Subdivision is the process of dividing land int‚Äčo smaller parcels

Development permit

Changes to the property outside the district standard rules

Revised plan

Revisions to approved development permit

Call 403-268-5343

Construction drawings

Construction drawing review process

Building applications


Separately titled dwellings, commercial units or parking stalls

New commercial construction

New buildings and additions to existing buildings

Alterations to existing buildings

Interior and exterior renovations, structural changes


Commercial projects that require building demolition or removal

Signs and antennas

Applications, rules and regulations for signs on private property

Special events

Tents and pop-up structures for events including Stampede functions and festivals

Other resources