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Pond Submission and Approval Process


Interim Stormwater Targets

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How to Submit

Pond reports are submitted to: WA Inbox

Pond Report Availability

For more information about report availablity please contact:

Pond CCC and FAC Inspections

Ponds TCA

Starting Feb. 1, 2012, Water Services requires that developers provide realizable costs to Asset Management, Infrastructure Planning prior to Inspection Services issuing a Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) for the pond.

For the purposes of TCA, a pond is defined as the area where the elevation of water resulting from a rainfall could rise. This should include the freeboard elevation of the pond up to the emergency spill route.

Any work in this area, should be considered part of the pond construction. Pond costs are those direct item costs associated with developing the pond within this area. To collect the data, Asset Management has developed the Pond Costs Developer Template.

The submission process for the pond costs TCA is listed below. You can also view a process map of the pond costs TCA template submission process.

Developers complete the Pond Costs Developer Template.

When the Pond moves to the CCC stage, the Ponds TCA data should to be submitted to the Asset Management, Senior Infrastructure Performance Coordinator.

Please send the data to our current coordinator: Patrick Taylor.

The subject line of the submission to read: Pond Costs TCA Submission.

Asset Management will review the data over five business days. If there are any questions, the coordinator will contact the consultant.

Once the data has been verified, Asset Management will then contact both Development Approval and Infrastructure Delivery Inspections to proceed with the rest of the Construction Complete Certificate process.

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