Water consumption in Calgary

351 LPCD (average amount of water used per person per day)

On track

On track

Calgary is on track to meet The City’s target of 350 LPCD by 2033. The City will continue to update its water management plans and strategies to keep pace with changes in water demand. 

Calgary is a big city on two small rivers: the Bow and the Elbow. We depend on our rivers to provide a stable supply of water to more than 1.25 million people living in the region and the businesses that work here – numbers that continue to climb.

Unfortunately, our rivers are under increasing pressure from a growing population, development, and extreme weather ranging from intense rainfall to hotter, drier summers and, shorter, more extreme winters.

In 2005, the City developed and approved the 30-in-30 Water Efficiency Plan, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable water management. Under this plan, Calgary has been steadily reducing its water use through behavior changes and significant actions and initiatives taken by The City and Calgarians to treat water as the precious resource that it is.

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We're tracking it

The City has been able to directly track water use since 2014 through an extensive metering network. When we track it, we can manage it, and ultimately be smart about achieving our target.​

Water in a changing climate

In the summer, daily water demand can double as more water is used for irrigation or cooling. With the climate changing, more high-heat days and higher average daily temperatures will put greater pressure on our water supply.

For example, the June-July heat wave in 2021 resulted in water demand increasing to  one-and-a-half times higher than the average. 

At the same time, changes in seasons, precipitation types, and timing are expected to result in lower flows and decreased water quality for the Bow and Elbow Rivers, increasing the risk of drought conditions and threatening our water supply.

As the service population of Calgary continues to grow, water demand must continue to be managed to match the trends we are seeing. Calgary’s 30-in-30 Water Efficiency Plan demonstrates our commitment to sustainable water management. 

Water splashes at Prairie Winds Park spray park where Calgarians cool down in the hot summer
Water splashes at Prairie Winds Park spray park where Calgarians cool down in the hot summer

You can help too!

Calgary's YardSmart program helps Calgarians reduce outdoor water use, and the Homeowner  Water Guide will help you find and repair toilet and faucet leaks. You can also find more water-saving tips at Saving Water in Your Home, and more on drought in the Climate-Ready Home Guide.

Plans and strategies

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