City of Calgary commercial food and yard waste

Food and yard waste collection services

The City's commercial food and yard waste service accepts the same materials as the Green Cart program and meets the requirements of the commercial food and yard waste bylaw.

Certified compostable bags only

Use only certified compostable bags, paper liners or paper yard waste bags. All certified compostable bags will have these logos on the box:

Look for these logos on your compostable bags.

Do not use plastic bags for your food and yard waste.

Cleanliness of your bin(s) and enclosure area

You are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness for your collection container. To keep your bins clean and to reduce odors see our tips for bin and cart maintenance.

Food and yard waste items we accept

All food (raw and cooked)
Plate scrapings
Meat, fish, shellfish and bones
Fruits and vegetables
Bread, noodles, rice, beans and grains
Eggshells and dairy products
Jams, sauces, salad dressings
Pastries, cookies
Nuts, seeds, chips, popcorn and candy
Paper plates and napkins
Coffee filters and tea bags
Paper hand towels


Plants and weeds
Branches and prunings
Pieces should be smaller than 1.25 metres (4ft.) and 15 cm (6") in diameter.
Grass clippings and sod
Leaves and cones
all conifers - pine, spruce, etc.)
Garden soil, sand and untreated mulch


Dog waste and kitty litter (all varieties)
Animal bedding
(e.g. from pet cages)
Must be collected in a certified compostable bag or paper bag.
Pet fur, hair or feathers
Pet food and treats
(including rawhide bones and birdseed)s
all conifers - pine, spruce, etc.)


Other items
Cold barbeque or fireplace ashes
Must be collected in a certified compostable bag or paper bag.

Untreated lumber
Less than 15 cm in diameter and 1.25 m in length so it can fit inside the green cart.

Wood must be free of nails, screws, etc.

Wood shavings/sawdust
Must be collected in a certified compostable bag or paper bag.
Wooden popsicle sticks, chopsticks and toothpicks


Fats, oil and grease

Cooking oil

If you have large commercial quantities of fats, oils, and grease, it must be disposed of separately from your food and yard waste service. The City of Calgary does not collect commercial quantities of grease. You can find a third-party provider for grease disposal at

For small quantities, use a paper towel to soak up any fats, oils or grease.

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