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Investor relations

Calgary is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and we’re committed to providing greater value to Calgarians by reducing costs. One way we can do this is by securing lower interest rates for future capital projects. This is achieved by adding the option to fund capital projects with Municipal Bonds.

The City closed its first Municipal Bond in the Canadian debt capital markets on March 15, 2024, obtaining a lower interest rate than its traditional borrowing option. This translates into $1.6 million in interest savings annually over the next 10 years, helping to make Calgary more affordable and potentially enabling additional capital investments in the community.

The City estimated in 2023 that, based on expected borrowing and market conditions, up to $175 million in interest could be avoided over the next 10 years. The City's first Municipal Bond issuance represents the first step in achieving this cost-avoidance estimate for Calgarians.

Quick facts

100 corporate head office, most per capita of any Canadian city

700 startups, many in tech

Highest GDP per capita of major Canadian cities

Most rapid transit service per million residents of any major Canadian city

Third most diverse metropolitan area in Canada

Extremely high satisfaction with level and quality of services and programs

Over 5,600 parks and open spaces, including 100+ dog parks and 1,000 playgrounds

1,000 kilometres of pathways

Our strong fiscal management and superb credit ratings

We continue to have one of the best municipal credit ratings in Canada. Our strong fiscal management and superb credit ratings make our debentures an attractive investment in both domestic and international markets. 

The City uses the rating services of S&P Global Ratings, Moody’s Investor Services and DBRS Limited as additional sources of performance measurement and accountability by presenting our numbers for review by credible third parties. The City’s Annual Financial Reports provide a comprehensive view of the consolidated financial statements in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles for local governments. 

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