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Queen's Park Mausoleum

Personal and comfortable visiting year-round

Queen’s Park Cemetery has Calgary’s only indoor, climate-controlled mausoleum. We offer your family elegant and timeless options for the interment and memorialization of those who rest within.

The natural beauty of the cemetery inspires a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere and offers a wide variety of above-ground crypts for casket entombments and urn niches.

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Queens Park office hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm

Why choose a mausoleum?

  • Our mausoleum is climate-controlled, protecting visitors from the weather, and allowing comfortable visitations year-round.
  • Funerals in mausoleums don’t need to be postponed due to cold or inclement weather.
  • Crypts and niches can be configured to hold multiple remains.
  • Our mausoleum’s enclosed design offers your family more privacy.
  • Gated private family crypt spaces are available allowing for personal and custom memorialization touches.
  • Glass front niches allow your family to personalize a cremation niche by displaying urns with personal tributes and pictures.

Features and special areas:

  • Climate controlled
  • Cremation niches for urns with glass doors
  • Above-ground crypts
  • Gated family rooms
  • Central location
Mausoleum crypt fees
Description Price
Regular Crypt (1 space) From $18,914.94 to $44,134.86
Side-by-Side Crypt (2 spaces) From $31,524.90 to $92,473.04
Double Couch Crypt (2 spaces) From $38,573.49 to $93,636
Westminster Crypt (2 spaces) From $40,000 to $64,000
Crypt entombment fee $1,940.31

Prices provided show the range pricing only. Please call (403) 221-3660 for availability.

Mausoleum niche fees
Description Price
Closed front (1 space) From $3,951.43 to $8,275.29
Closed front (2 spaces) From $9,655.03 to $17,864.11
Glass front (1 space) From $4,327.75 to $10,344.37
Glass front (2 spaces) From $6,585.70 to $24,136.51
Mausoleum niche entombment fee (2nd) $550.44

Prices provided show the range pricing only and include first entombment. Please call (403) 221-3660 for availability.

Mausoleum disentombment fees
Description Price
Disentombment of Casket (includes replacement sealing door) $7,549.12
Disentombment/Re-entombment of Casket $9,436.33
Disentombment of Urn Glass Front Niche $185.05
Disentombment/Re-entombment of Urn (same niche) $283.09
Opening of Niche for Placement of Personal Items $125

Additional cost will be charged if replacement door/shutter is required.