Beltline Community Investment Fund

Since 2006, The City has been accepting contributions from developers to the Beltline Community Investment Fund (BCIF). The intention of a developer-financed fund is to create an incentive for builders and investors to improve established communities, while providing enhancements to public spaces.

Call for BCIF Letters of Intent

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new funding call for BCIF. Details on the call for Letters of Intent are available at the link below.

Interested applicants can also review the materials at the Resources link below. A map of the Beltline area is also available.

Contributing to BCIF allows developers to build greater density within the Beltline and allows The City and non-profit community groups to access funds to improve public spaces. The funds are used for public space improvements in the Beltline.

Funds can be used for projects like:

  • Improved sidewalks and lighting
  • Park and open space redevelopment and improvements
  • Street trees
  • Street furniture (benches, bike racks, garbage/recycling containers)
  • Public art
  • The purchase of land for the development of new parks and green spaces

City-initiated projects include:

Some examples of community non-profit initiated projects that have been partially or fully funded by the BCIF include:

  • The Illuminate the City project, by the Nite Gallery society, transforms select downtown office buildings into canvasses by projecting artwork on their walls.
  • High Park project, by the Beltline Neighbourhood Association, is a rooftop public park and event space in the Beltline serving as an exciting destination for residents and visitors to the city.
  • Better Bike Racks project, by the Beltline BIA, aids in placemaking and creating more vibrant streetscapes, while also providing functional bicycle parking.

BCIF operates based on a terms of reference approved by Council. The BCIF Committee accepts, reviews and approves applications. The Committee seeks to reflect the diversity of Calgarians and consists of eight to twelve members appointed by Council including:

  • Member of Council who represents Ward 8
  • One public member candidate nominated by the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association based on the skills matrix
  • Up to ten additional public members

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