Single residential property

Single residential property

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Assessments to single residential properties are completed annually using the sales comparison approach to value and is based on The City of Calgary’s estimate of the market value of the property on July 1 of the year prior to taxation, and the characteristics and physical condition of the property as of Dec. 31 of the year prior to taxation, as set out by the Municipal Government Act.

Influencing the value of the property

Key factors, components & variables that may influence the value of your property:


  • 205 residential communities analyzed within The City of Calgary
  • Location of the land parcel

Structure type

  • Detached vs attached
  • Style of home; e.g. two-storey, bungalow, split level, etc.
  • Information gathered from building plans or professional measurements


  • Lot size
  • Structure size – above grade and below grade


  • View influences (view river valley, view full mountain, etc.)
  • Green space influences (green space – corridor adjacent, green space – large park, etc.)
  • Commercial / multi-family / traffic
  • Site specific characteristics of the property

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