When visiting our golf courses there are general guidelines and etiquette that you should follow. You won’t find most of these in an official rule book but following these guidelines will make you and those around you have a more enjoyable golf experience.

Did you know

  • maintenance equipment and workers have the right of way on the golf course.
  • you should not hit onto the green if the flagstick is out - the mower will cut half the green and return the flagstick - once the worker is out of the way, it is then safe to hit on to the green.
  • you are required to keep all bags, pull carts and power carts off tee boxes, out of sand traps and 30 feet from the edge of greens.
  • Golf Ambassadors are available to assist you with golf etiquette and safety awareness.

Common etiquette

  • Don’t talk during someone’s backswing. 
  • Don’t walk through someone else’s line (the line from their ball to the hole). 
  • Don’t hit the ball into the group ahead of you. Wait for them to finish.
  • If a group behind you is playing faster, consider letting them go first at the next hole. 
  • Always give maintenance equipment and workers the right of way.
  • Keep all bags, pull carts and power carts off tee boxes, out of sand traps and 30 feet from the edge of greens.
  • Avoid angry outbursts.

Golf etiquette videos

Check out our golf etiquette videos, which will familiarize you with golf terminology, etiquette and other aspects of the game. 

Tips for beginners

Courtesy and proper attire

At the tee box

On the Fairway

In the rough

The Sand Trap

On the Green

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