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Put on your director’s hat, grab your camera and help make our city’s streets safer for everyone.

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The Mobility Safety Education Toolkit has been created to highlight and encourage traffic safety conversations with school aged children. We invite parents, guardians, and educators to talk with children about how to stay safe while moving on city streets. Just as teenagers must learn and practice how to drive with the support of a parent/adult, children also need help learning and practicing how to walk or wheel safely.

Safer streets, safer kids.

The school and community play a supportive role in building healthy travel attitudes in young people. Travel experiences in the elementary years help prepare youth to better handle traffic scenarios later in life. This includes how to navigate safely on Calgary’s streets, sidewalks, and pathways.  

Educators, parents, and other community members may find the resources below useful when talking with children about traffic safety and helping them develop safe travel skills.


Calgary in motion! Activity Book

The Calgary in motion! Activity book helps to empower our younger citizens to feel confident when practicing safe travel skills. This book provides safety messages and fun activities around staying safe on streets, sidewalks and pathways.

Download the Activity Book

Talking with children about traffic safety

Talking with your children about traffic safety is not always easy. Use this Conversation Guide as a starting place to discuss traffic safety topics.

Coming soon: this guide will also be available in French, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, Ukrainian, Pashtu and Simplified Chinese.

Download the Conversation Guide

Download the conversation guide in the following languages:

Arabic | Chinese Simplified | English | French Canadian | Pashto | Punjabi Gurmukhi |Spanish | Ukrainian | Urdu

Staying safe on city streets: Crosswalk safety

This short video provides easy to follow rules for pedestrians and drivers on how to help keep each other safe when using crosswalks.

When travelling near schools, or dropping off and picking up students, crosswalk safety is especially important. In this video, you'll learn about:

  • crosswalk signals
  • marked and unmarked crosswalks
  • crosswalk rules for pedestrians
  • crosswalk rules for drivers

Encouragement, incentives, & support

Is your school or community offering safe travel incentives for kids? Events like a walking school bus, bike trains, or Walk & Roll events are great for building awareness around traffic safety. 

If you have an event you are looking to support, please contact us via 311.

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Safer Streets Through Education and Encouragement

The City of Calgary follows the “Five E’s” of creating safer streets, which include: 

  1. Education – teaching, learning and practicing skills around traffic safety
  2. Encouragement - partnerships and services supporting traffic safety initiatives 
  3. Engineering - physical changes to the environment to promote safer travel
  4. Enforcement – working with Bylaw & Calgary Police Services to enforce rules
  5. Evaluation - assessing the impact of any changes or projects and adjusting where necessary 

The Traffic Safety Education Toolkit is designed to focus on the first two E’s: Education and Encouragement. More information on other City initiatives around the 5 E’s can be found on the Traffic Safety Programs webpage.  If you have any further questions around traffic safety education, please contact 311. 

Other City of Calgary educational resources