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Records Management, Access & Privacy plan and budget

Records Management, Access & Privacy plan and budget


Records Management, Access & Privacy provides the framework and tools for the effective management, protection, preservation and release of records by the Corporation.

Our customers

  • Business Unit Records Coordinators
  • City Administration
  • Analysts and leaders looking to innovate or change processes
  • Applicants and affected individuals under Freedom of
  • Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act
  • Archival researchers
  • Media

Our partners

  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Security
  • Business unit records and information specialists
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Program Administrators in all business units
  • Law
  • Customer Service & Communications
  • Facilities Management
  • Corporate Analytics & Innovation
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Calgary Public Library.

Value to Calgarians

  • ensures that The City of Calgary is able to manage, protect, preserve and access its records to meet operational, legal and financial requirements, and support an open and transparent government
  • builds trust with Calgarians by ensuring a balance between the public's right to know and an individual's right to privacy
  • manages records improves the accessibility of information to support the effective running of The City
  • preserves records ensures availability for future generations of Calgarians

What we deliver

  • Develops and maintains the framework and governance for the records management program and provides advice and training about records management. 
  • Acquire, preserve and provide access to The City’s archival records and maintain corporate memory by providing historic context.  
  • We disclose records to requestors, investigate privacy breaches, and evaluate privacy impact assessments.

Budget breakdown

service plan budget


Operating ($millions)
Capital ($millions)
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service plan budget
Service line Breakdown
Records Management, Access & Privacy

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Measuring performance

We are measuring our performance in five areas. Each value is the goal we expect to reach by 2026. 

On-time FOIP access requests rate

Physical and electronic records eligible for disposition

Volume of archival material made available online (# of descriptive records)

Privacy complaints concluded in sixty (60) days or less

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) were completed that required the creation of a Personal Information Bank (PIB)

View our yearly performance progress.

What we've heard

Calgarians have reported their opinion that The City does not publish enough information routinely or proactively. Citizens have suggested that being able to rely on the expertise of City staff in matters of privacy, records, and information access is particularly important.

For the majority of employees polled, privacy is a consideration in their role at least ‘often’ and nearly all are confident they are reasonably protecting personal information. Half have taken the available Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act online training. Employees also reported that further increasing all employees' awareness of privacy and information responsibilities is needed.

Participate and view results of City research

What we're watching

  • Leading privacy practices are evolving and The City needs to mature its privacy management program in order to not be left behind in the face of increasing public expectations of the protection of personal information.
  • Increasing use of technology around the organization to provide programs and services will require that privacy is a consideration in service delivery.
  • Public expectations of open and transparent government will increase the number access to information requests and will put a focus on the privacy management program.
  • We anticipate a further increase in the electronic records generated by the organization.
  • Increasing public interest in archival records and its potential impacts on ease of access to the information emphasizes The City's responsibility to preserve and maintain access to information for future generations.
  • Insufficient response to these expectations poses reputational and legal risks.

Our initiatives

What we plan to do

We will continue to provide the framework and tools for the effective management, protection, preservation and release of records by the Corporation.

How we're going to get there

  • Will foster openness, transparency and public trust through the effective and consistent management of City records through their lifecycle and an overarching Protection of Privacy Administration Policy.
  • Demonstrate The City's commitment to earning and maintaining public trust by exceeding privacy requirements prescribed by Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation and being transparent about The City's internal governance structures and privacy practices by developing and implementing the recommendations of the Privacy Program Strategic Plan.
  • Improve the public user experience by increasing access to archival records and maintaining that access to information for future generations through the launch a new archival collection management software system, ArchivEra.
  • Increase records and information disposition compliance by promoting an increased rate of submission and faster, simpler processing through changes designed to modernize and simplify the disposition process.
  • A centralized file management system will automate workflow and streamline processes to ensure effective and efficient resolution of access and privacy files.

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