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Creating an elevator pitch for the Youth Hiring Fair

One of the most daunting and confusing questions during an interview can be “Tell me about yourself”. This is called an elevator pitch.

We suggest using the acronym SET (Skills, Experiences and Trainings) to prepare your elevator pitch for the Youth Hiring Fair.

When an interviewer asks this question, they are trying to get to know you and trying to analyze whether you are the right fit for the role. They want to know what you have that would be an asset to the role you are applying for and ultimately for the whole company. The interviewer wants to see if you will succeed in the role. They also want to see if you are teachable. 

How do I deliver my elevator pitch?

We suggest starting with a brief introduction. Introduce yourself with your name and share a brief education background. Then, continue with expanding the SET.


Describe any skills you have relevant for the role.

In an interview it is important to remain relevant to the employer you are interviewing for. In order to elaborate on the relevant skills, it is always important to review the job posting before you attend the interview.

Remember to not over-qualify yourself. Sometimes, we think we should share all the skills we have to the interviewer. But that could lead to being seen as an over-qualified candidate. For example, you may not want to discuss your hardware/software skills related to a technology job while applying for a cashier role. The interviewer might think you're over qualified and may potentially move on to a tech related company soon after getting hired.


Describe any previous relevant experience for the role.

If you have no previous work experience, consider sharing relevant school projects or relevant school assignments.


Describe any training relevant for the role.

If you have any relevant training or any hands-on experience in the role you are interviewing, then add that to your answer. If you do not have any training/certifications, then it’s always good to share that you are open to acquire any needed training.

Note - Usually an elevator pitch should be around 1 minute or 1 minute 30 seconds.