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Seniors Services Home Maintenance

Seniors Services Home Maintenance helps low income seniors to live safely and securely in their own homes. The program provides these clients with basic yard care, snow removal, house cleaning, interior & exterior painting and minor repairs.

This program is funded by the City of Calgary.

Who is eligible​

Seniors (65+) who:

  • Are unable to do basic house or yard work
  • Do not own other property
  • Have no person living in the home who could perform basic housecleaning, yard work or snow shovelling
  • Are without family, community or other home maintenance service supports
  • Meet one of Fair Entry’s eight ways to qualify for this and several other City subsidized programs and services. Find out if you qualify and apply online at Fair Entry

Older adults who meet the eligibility criteria are placed on a wait list for service. An assessment of need based on the considerations noted below, determines priority for service as high, moderate or low.  In most cases, those with high and moderate needs will be served first, and those with low needs referred to other support services where available.  To meet operational needs, service may be provided based on proximity to current clients or geographic zone availability, regardless of priority rating.

Service Priority Needs Assessment Considerations

  • income
  • age and age related frailty
  • physical health conditions
  • disability
  • level of family, friends or community support
  • mobility challenges (wheelchair, walker, cane, oxygen tank)
  • complex/ multiple concerns or needs.

Generally there is a waiting period for all services with the exception of urgent situations to eliminate by-law complaints. The current waiting periods are:

  • Basic yard work and snow removal, depends on particular city quadrant, 3 months
  • Painting and minor repair, 2 - 3 years
  • Housecleaning depends on particular city quadrant, approximately 1-3 months

How to access home maintenance services

  • Call 311 or apply for Seniors Services Home Maintenance online through the Fair Entry program
  • No referral necessary


  • House cleaning, yard work and snow removal services: Service cost recovery for clients eligible for Alberta Seniors Benefit, Special Needs Assistance is processed via direct billing to the Government of Alberta on the client’s behalf.
  • House cleaning clients must provide cleaning products and equipment
  • Yard work clients must provide garbage bags if needed 
  • Labour for painting and repair work: free of charge
  • Clients pay wholesale cost of paint, lumber and other supplies

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