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About Age-Friendly Calgary & The Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy


Age-Friendly Strategy

The Age-Friendly Strategy was designed to support and prepare for Calgary’s aging population. The creation of this framework included input and participation of older adults at every stage of its development. The strategy presents a vision and principles for creating a more age-friendly city and outlines the proposed actions within six priority areas. 


Calgary is an age-friendly city where all people have lifelong opportunities to thrive.

Six priority areas

Priority Area Population Results for Older Adults

Access to Information and Services

  • Have access to information and services

Community Support and Health

  • Are able to stay in their home as their health, safety, and safety of the community permits


  • Live in homes that meet their accessibility and affordability needs
  • Have a range of housing options in their local area
  • Live in homes that are close to services that they need

Participation and Inclusion

  • Feel welcomed and valued in Calgary
  • Are socially, physically and intellectually active
  • Contribute to the well-being of the community
  • Can find employment if they want or need to

Prevention and Response to Elder Abuse

  • Are safe from abuse and neglect

Transportation and Mobility

  • Calgarians are able to freely move throughout the city as they age

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Age-Friendly Calgary a collaborative initiative

Age-Friendly Calgary is a collaborative initiative of Calgary organizations and citizens preparing for Calgary’s aging population. Multisectoral stakeholders are working together to implement the Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy, through action teams, aligned initiatives and internal work at The City.

View alignments with the Age-Friendly principles

  • An age-friendly city is one where all older adults can be meaningful participants in their community.
  • Age-friendly initiatives are based on person-centered principles, and are accessible, affordable, equitable, and comprehensive. Age-friendly initiatives are inclusive of the diversity of the aging population, including age, family status, culture, mobility, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, belief systems, socio-economic status, and language. 
  • An age-friendly city is responsive to the needs of older adults who are vulnerable.
  • Age-friendly initiatives will be based on best available information, will nurture innovation, and will be evaluated for their effectiveness.
  • Older people are actively involved in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of an age-friendly city.
  • The Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy will focus on the strengths and opportunities presented by an aging population and will highlight the importance of choice for members of the aging population.
  • An effective Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy includes collaborative partnerships with the public, private, and non-profit sectors.
  • An age-friendly strategy recognizes that older adults contribute to the community in many ways. 
  • The City of Calgary and partner organizations are collectively accountable to achieve the goals of the Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy.