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The Seniors Services Home Maintenance (SSHM) program provides home maintenance support to seniors (65 years and older) living on lower fixed incomes in Calgary who are eligible for the provincial Special Needs Assistance for Seniors benefit program. Approved community partners deliver the services of light housekeeping, snow removal and grass cutting. 

What are eligible home maintenance services?

The Provincial Special Needs Assistance (SNA) for Seniors benefit program has defined three main areas for home maintenance as allowable services paid out by the SNA benefit. If eligible, these defined service provisions are: 

  • Light housekeeping, dusting of surfaces, vacuuming/mopping of floor surfaces, cleaning of kitchen and washrooms (does not include laundry).
  • Grass cutting: front and back lawn, medians associated with property
  • Snow removal: the primary entryway, driveways, wheelchair ramps and public sidewalks bordering the property.

Housekeeping and grass cutting service frequency is set on a schedule with each individual who participates in the program. Snow Service will be delivered within 24hrs after a snowfall event of one inch (2 cm).

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, seniors must be 65 years of age or older and unable to do basic housekeeping, snow removal or grass cutting. 

Generally, there is a waiting period for all services, which may vary according to service type and client location. Our aim is to minimize the waiting period as much as possible. 

How to access home maintenance services

Seniors must apply for Seniors Service Home Maintenance through the Fair Entry Program and must be eligible for the Special Needs Assistance (SNA) for Seniors secondary benefit coverage. The SSHM program will confirm your eligibility for SNA and let you know how to find out more about the program or appeal your status.  


There is no direct charge to clients receiving the services of light housekeeping, grass cutting and snow removal services. Service costs are recovered on behalf of clients eligible for the Special Needs Assistance for Seniors benefit program and is processed via direct billing to the Government of Alberta on the client’s behalf.