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Annexation property assessment

An annexation property is a parcel that has been annexed into the city of Calgary and is currently protected by the annexation provisions described in the board order through which it was annexed. These parcels are often referred to as "board order" parcels or "annexation" parcels by The City of Calgary.

How are annexation properties valued? 

These properties are valued based on the provisions of specific annexation orders. Currently there are seven annexation orders that provide special assessment and taxation consideration to City lands. These orders include:

  • Order No. 20027 (1957) with amendments to December 1986
  • Order No. 25860 (1961) with amendments to December 1986
  • Order No. 19137 (1989)
  • Order No. 487 (1995)
  • Order No. 486/2004 (Lynx Ridge from the MD of Rocky View)
  • Order No. 52/2005 (MD of Foothills to the City of Calgary)
  • Order No. 333/2007 (MD of Rocky View to City of Calgary)