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Calgary Fire Department

Fire stations and facilities

Where is my local fire station?

Learn where your local fire station is and about how you can take a tour.

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Fire safety and prevention

How can I be fire safe?

Learn how to prevent and escape from a fire.

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Fire codes, permits and inspections

What are fire codes and permits?

Fire Codes are in place to protect citizens in their homes, offices and in public places.

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Do you want to be a firefighter?

Firefighting can be a challenging, exciting, and fulfilling career. Applying to the Calgary Fire Department is competitive and has multiple steps.

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What programs do we offer?

We offer a variety of programs for all ages to increase knowledge about fire safety.

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Fire bans and advisories

What is a fire ban or advisory?

Fire safety advisories and bans are put in place to notify the public about conditions which present a fire risk.

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