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City Cemeteries

City Cemeteries

Burial options & perpetual care services, mandated by provincial Cemeteries Act

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Service description

City Cemeteries provides interment (i.e. burials and cremations), maintenance of final resting locations and memorialization products. We also provide almost 100 hectares of historically and culturally significant public space.

The City has one active operating cemetery (Queen's Park), a new cemetery under development (south Calgary) and four historic cemeteries (Union, Burnsland, Chinese and St. Mary's). We have an obligation in perpetuity to Calgarians to maintain cemetery sites.

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To maintain historic cemeteries

What we heard

You’ve told us that the quality of the service we provide is the number one concern, with providing well-maintained spaces and sustainable interment options across the city being key focus outcomes.  You’ve said the priority is programs and services that are affordable, inclusive and accessible for all Calgarians.
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Council direction

City Cemeteries provide public green spaces for citizens that are safe, accessible and inclusive. All cemeteries are open daily to the public and provide almost 100 hectares in green space. Council is committed to the perpetual care of Calgary’s four historic cemetery sites, as well as Canadian military monuments in Queen's Park Cemetery, to cherish and protect our city's heritage.
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