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Emergency Management & Business Continuity

Emergency Mgmt & Business Continuity

Preparation & response to major emergencies, disasters, & business disruptions

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Emergency Management & Business Continuity responds to emergencies that impact Calgary at the municipal level by delivering timely, coordinated information within The City, and businesses, non-profit groups, government agencies, and citizens; in short: we help the city withstand emergencies.

We evaluate and educate on disaster risk, create preparedness networks, coordinate emergency planning and represent public safety. We oversee City business-continuity planning to ensure essential services during and after an emergency, and support regional and national disaster response with Canada Task Force 2, Alberta's disaster response team.

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What we heard

You’ve said feeling safe and secure is critical to your wellbeing; you want Calgary resilient to emergencies, disasters and business disruptions. You want your basic needs met in an event, like emergency housing, and want to return to routines more quickly. Our response and recovery efforts, like maintaining essential services helps support these priorities. Businesses in Calgary continue emergency planning, but we have an opportunity to provide more guidance and education to strengthen economic resilience. Our partners also want enhanced emergency training to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.
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Council direction

Under Council’s direction, Emergency Management & Business Continuity advances organizational resilience, including shared approaches to critical resource planning. We’ve partnered with 100 Resilient Cities and the Climate Resilience Strategy to address potential events and continue to foster connections among neighbours to support community preparedness and resiliency. We strive towards increased business continuity and resilience, to ensure Calgary is an attractive place to do business, and work with land use and infrastructure planning to help build complete communities resilient to the impacts of disasters.
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