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Financial facts

Municipal property taxes are the primary way The City delivers services and programs that Calgarians need and value every day. We want you to know how these dollars are collected, calculated and used to provide City services. 

Delivering value through our City services and programs requires proper planning throughout the year. Learn more about the process, how tax dollars get invested wisely, and the steps we're taking to modernize and reduce the cost of local government. 

Latest updates:

Council approved the 2021 Property Tax Bylaw on March 2021.

Approximately, 77% of Calgary homeowners will see a reduction or no increase on their 2021 property tax bill.

Get an estimate of your 2021 property tax bill today. Enter your property assessment(s) on to see the year-to-year change, and where you tax dollar are being invested.

Quick facts

Essential facts that address misconceptions and myths about our finances, services and programs

Learn more about City finances

City tax-supported services cost $5.88 a day for a typical Calgary household.

Read about the cost of services

Learn how we’ve weathered the boom and bust cycle by spending wisely and reinvesting in our city.

​A decrease in your assessment doesn’t always mean a decrease in your property tax bill.

Service and program facts

Guidebook for Great communities myth and facts

The Guidebook is the key tool used by citizens, stakeholders and City planners to create community local area plans. It was used by citizens to develop the draft North Hill Communities Local Area Plan, and it’s currently being used to develop the Westbrook and Heritage Communities Local Area Plans.

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