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Financial facts

The City is committed to engaging with you and working together to ensure our services align with citizen priorities in a fiscally responsible manner. We want you to know how property tax is collected and used to deliver essential City services and programs while keeping the cost of local government low. Below are a few essential facts about how The City is managing its finances and supporting Calgarians and our local economy.

Financial myths and facts

Myth: City services cost too much

City fact: A typical Calgary household pays $5.88 per day for City services.

Myth: The City’s spending growth has been out of control

City fact: The City adjusted how it spent revenue from the municipal property tax revenue since 2014 to remain below inflation and population growth.

Myth: My residential property tax has gone up to cover increased City spending

City fact: The City has not increased budget/spending; however many residents will see a tax bill increase and many businesses will see a significant decrease.

Myth: My property taxes and utility rates are the highest in the country

City fact: The City of Calgary has some of the lowest property tax and utility rates of any major Canadian city.

Myth: My assessment went down, so my taxes should also go down.

​A decrease in your assessment doesn’t always mean a decrease in your property tax bill.

Myth: Multi-residential owners are unfairly experiencing tax increases

City fact: The market value assessment for multi-residential properties increased in 2020 due to higher rental rates and lower vacancy rates. Based on the legislated annual assessment process, there will be properties that see increases and decreases every year.

Myth: All my property taxes go to the City coffers

City fact: Property taxes are shared - 63% for City services and 37% for the Government of Alberta.

Myth: The City has ignored the business property tax issue

City fact: The proportion between residential and business property tax has been declining since 2001.​

Myth: The City has provided no tax relief for businesses

City fact: City council has provided a total of $213 million in tax relief programs since 2017.

Myth: Property owners will see a 7.5% increase to their 2020 property tax bill.

​Fact:  Property owners will see a range of decrease and increases; your share of property tax is determined by your properties assessed value.

Myth: My July TIPP payment is equal to my yearly change in property tax.

City fact: The change in your TIPP instalment in July is not equal to the change in your property tax.