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Senior management expenses

In keeping with administrative accountability, the City Manager and general managers are reporting the dining and hosting expenses for their offices.

Budgets for the City Manager and each General Manager are reviewed and approved annually by City Council as part of budget deliberations.

Expense categories

The City Manager and general managers are accountable for their financial decisions. All expenses are reviewed regularly and managed within approved budgets. Department dining and hosting expenses are broken into the following categories:

  • Business meeting and hosting - meeting with and hosting visiting officials, groups, and representatives from other orders of government, partner agencies and the business community, and internal management.
  • Employee recognition and mentoring - staff recognition as part of senior management's role in ensuring and maintaining a productive workforce.

Financial policies governing expenses

The City of Calgary has financial policies that govern expenses. The policies outline what expenses are allowed and the approval process to be followed. FA-011 covers Reimbursement of Employee Travel, Vehicle, Parking, Insurance, Petty Cash and Other Expenses and FA-048 covers Reimbursement of Meal and Hosting Expenses. No employee can approve their own expenses. Each individual's expenses are reviewed for appropriateness and accuracy by their supervising authority. The City Manager reviews each General Manager's expenses and the Mayor reviews the City Manager's expenses.

Senior management expenses

2017 Senior Management Expenses

2016 Senior Management Expenses

2015 Senior Management Expenses

2014 Senior Management Expenses

2013 Senior Management Expenses

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