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Workplace Violence Policy

About the policy

Our employee promise supports a safe and respectful work environment where each employee is given the same concern, trust, respect and care that they are expected to share with Calgarians, businesses and visitors.

It’s inevitable that some form of conflict will occur in a work environment, whether it’s between employees, employees and customers/clients, contractors or employees involved in domestic situations. Everyone is expected to resolve conflicts without resorting to threats or violence.

This policy applies to:

  • Employees
  • Contractors providing service for or to The City
  • Suppliers delivering material to The City
  • Volunteers
  • Members of the Council and their employees
  • Members of the public

Some examples of workplace violence include:

  • Damage to property
  • Threats to deliberately damage property
  • Assaults with or without a weapon
  • Aggressive harassment
  • Domestic violence and other off-duty incidents that exhibit any of the above and continue or may continue in the workplace
  • Threats to injure an employee, group of employees or members of the public

The City has a responsibility to investigate incidents of workplace violence under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code. Any threat or violent act made by or against an employee or City property will be investigated and the appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.

Policy download

Download the full policy below.

Case studies and scenario

Click to expand the following case studies and scenarios.

Case study

Take some time with your team or co-workers to discuss this case study and scenarios.

You are working in Inspections and Permits and a member of the public has come to the counter to see you for the third time today. She is upset with a proposed development project in her neighbourhood, and with each visit her behaviour and language becomes more erratic. She sees you behind the counter and starts yelling profanities and slamming her fists on the counter.

Q. This person is behaving in a threatening manner, what steps would a City of Calgary employee respond? What should you do:

  • Ask her to calm down and tell her that her behaviour is unacceptable. Once she calms down you assist her with her concerns.
  • Call for a colleague to assist you in removing her from the premises.
  • Remove yourself from the situation. Call Corporate Security at 403-268-8868 and request immediate assistance.

You are a transit operator and a passenger on your bus is harassing another passenger. You approach the man and he spits on you.

Discussion Questions

  1. Is this a workplace violence issue? What you should do?
  2. How does the Workplace Violence policy affect or involve you?
  3. How do you report this incident? Who needs to be involved?

Policy Learning

There is an online learning module designed to help you understand your role and others roles in preventing workplace violence and how you can report incidents. This learning is encouraged for everyone, not just leaders. If you are interested speak to the HR Business Partner in your area or Corporate Security for details.

Policy resources

  1. Download: Workplace Violence Policy (PDF)
  2. Download: Workpalce Violence Policy Tip Sheet (PDF)
  3. The Occupational Health and Safety Act
  4. myCity Respectful Workplace site (City network access required)

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