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Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

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About the policy

The Workplace Violence Prevention Policy takes a proactive approach to preventing violence from occurring in the workplace. The City has responsibility under the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act to ensure our workplace is as safe as is reasonably practicable. And all employees have a role to play in helping to prevent and respond to incidents of threats and violence. Any reported threat or violent act made against an employee or by an employee will be investigated as a serious issue with appropriate action taken.

Workplace violence can include a range of threats or violent behaviours that may cause injury, damage to city property, or make employees fear for their safety. Examples include:

  • assaults with or without a weapon
  • threats that could physically injure or cause psychological harm
  • domestic violence that may continue into or impact in the workplace
  • damage to or threats to damage City property

This policy applies to:

  • employees
  • contractors providing service for or to the City
  • suppliers delivering material to the City
  • volunteers
  • members of the public

Questions about this policy?

Contact Corporate Security, Integrity & Advisory Services by emailing or calling 403-268-8868.

Policy learning

City employees who want to learn more about the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and preventing workplace violence may enroll in the following course available on myHRconnect:

  • HR eLearning – Workplace Violence

Security provides instructor led training for all employees on Workplace Violence. Email for more information.

Policy download

Download the full policy.

Frequently asked questions

Is there workplace violence at the City?

Unfortunately yes. With over 15,000 employees and several areas dealing with the public on a daily basis, there are incidents of workplace violence. Incidents range from verbal abuse to criminal actions, like assault.

How do I report a workplace violence incident?

There are a number of ways to report incidents, such as to:

If my leader isn't responsive to a report of workplace violence, what should I do?

There are a number of ways to report incidents. Trying speaking to another Leader in your work area or the other avenues listed above.

Is workplace violence just physical violence?

No, workplace violence can include verbal abuse, damage to City property or threat of damage, verbal threats to harm, or any action that could generate a genuine concern for personal safety. Workplace violence can also include a threat that causes psychological harm.

What if an incident happens after hours at a work event?

You must report incidents that take place at work sanctioned events. An investigation will take place to determine appropriate action. Even though it happened away from work it may still have an impact in the workplace. Other Violence occurring between employees off site during non-work time will be evaluated to determine whether any other City policies apply (e.g. Respectful Workplace Policy or Labour Relations Policy).

If someone tells me about a workplace violence incident and asks me not to tell anyone, do I have to report it?

All employees have a responsibility to keep the workplace as safe as possible. This includes reporting incidents so they can be investigated. Doing so helps to prevent future incidents of workplace violence, and it is the right thing to do. The best measure to protect employees from workplace violence is prevention.

Will the police get involved?

If an incident is deemed a criminal matter, such as an assault, the Police will be contacted. If you observe a workplace violence incident in progress in the workplace, you should contact the Police at 9-1-1.

Policy resources

Employees may visit mycity/security and select the Workplace Violence tab for more information about workplace violence and the Workplace Violence Prevention Procedures.

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