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Respectful Workplace Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

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About the policy

The City fosters a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring work environment for all employees. We all have a role to play in creating a safe and respectful workplace.  The Respectful Workplace Program includes the updated Respectful Workplace Policy that outlines information about expectations, roles and responsibilities of employees and leaders to prevent and manage inappropriate workplace behaviour. The Policy provides a framework for addressing disrespectful behaviour, harassment and discrimination.

Policy learning

The Respect in the Workplace eLearning is mandatory training for all City employees, and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.  Employees may enroll in the following course available on myHRconnect:

  • HR Curriculum – Respect in the Workplace (RitWP)

Policy download

Frequently asked questions

1. What do I do if I have a respectful workplace issue?

The Respectful Workplace Program provides tools and resources to help you identify inappropriate behaviour and options to address it. Employees can visit myCity/respectfulworkplace to check out these tools on the Employee tools and Is it Respectful? tabs.

2. I am a leader and need help addressing respectful workplace issues in my area. Are there resources to help me?

Yes.  There are a wide range of tools to deal with respectful workplace matters and difficult conversations. Leaders can visit myCity/respectfulworkplace to check out these resources on the Leader tools tab.

Policy resources

Employees may visit myCity/respectfulworkplace for tools and resources to support employees and leaders with respectful workplace issues, as well as the Harassment Prevention Plan.

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