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Respectful Workplace Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

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About the policy

Our employee promise supports a safe and respectful work environment where each employee is given the same concern, trust, respect and caring attitude that they are expected to share with Calgarians, businesses and visitors.
A respectful workplace benefits you, your co-workers, and our citizens because:

  • Everyone can be more productive
  • Work is more enjoyable
  • Job satisfaction increases
  • We can be proud of our accomplishments

The Respectful Workplace policy informs us of the expectations for behaviours, both as leaders and employees and provides procedures when you believe disrespectful behaviour has occurred. While the policy doesn’t tell you what you can and cannot do specifically, it does suggest some behaviours that are helpful and harmful to our respectful workplace.

Supporting respectful behaviour

  • Be more aware of and acknowledge the differences you see.
  • When you are uncomfortable, think about your automatic reaction and your thoughts or feelings before you act.
  • Recognize and value the diversity among workgroups, members, customers and citizens.
  • Listen to what others have to say and be open-minded to others’ ideas, comments and suggestions.

Watching for disrespectful behaviour

  • Behaviours that negatively affects another person’s dignity, well-being or physical integrity.
  • Disrespectful behaviour can be a single incident or repeated occurrences.
  • Behaviours that are not always intended but are unwanted and unwelcome by the other person. This could include: discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, and deliberately excluding an employee from relevant work activities or decision making.

Policy download

Download the full policy.

Policy learning

New training

Respect in the Workplace is e-learning training that discusses appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviour and the roles we all play in fostering a healthy work environment.

Visit Respectful workplace training (myCity link) to learn who needs to take the training, how to access the training and other training resources.

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