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Workplace Smoking & Vaping Policy

The City's Workplace Smoking and Vaping Policy is intended to ensure employees have information on smoking that complies with The City's Smoking and Vaping Bylaw​, Alberta's Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act and The City's Cannabis Consumption Bylaw (which prohibits the consumption of recreational cannabis in any form (smoking, vaping or edibles) in public places).

The Workplace Smoking and Vaping Policy has been revised to reflect changes to City bylaws and the legalization of cannabis.

What you need to know about the revised policy:

  • The City's Workplace Smoking and Vaping Policy does not allow smoking or vaping of tobacco products in the workplace. The workplace includes buildings, parking areas, maintenance yards, City vehicles and equipment, etc.
  • Smoking or vaping of tobacco products is only allowed in designated areas, and must be at least five metres from any entrance/exit to a City building or facility.
  • Smoking or vaping of cannabis is not allowed on or in City workplaces.


Definitions you should know:

Electronic smoking product - an electronic device that can be used to deliver a vapour, emission or aerosol to the person inhaling from the device, including but not limited to an electronic cigarette, cigar, cigarillo or pipe.

Smoke or Smoking

  1. inhaling or exhaling the smoke produced by burning tobacco or cannabis; or
  2. holding or otherwise having control of any device or thing containing lit tobacco or cannabis.

Tobacco - a product composed in whole or in part of tobacco, including tobacco leaves and any extract of tobacco leaves, but does not include any product for use in nicotine replacement therapy

Vape or Vaping

  1. Inhaling or exhaling the vapour, emissions or aerosol produced by an electronic smoking device or similar device containing tobacco, cannabis or any other substance; or
  2. Holding or otherwise having control of an electronic smoking device that is producing vapour, emissions or aerosol from tobacco, cannabis or any other substance.

For assistance on stopping smoking/use of tobacco: