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Stage 3 outdoor water restrictions are in effect. Learn more about how City services are impacted and what you can do during this stage.

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Respectful environment in Council and committee

At The City, respect is the foundation for a productive and thriving workplace. It is ingrained in our values and culture. We are committed to supporting a safe and respectful work environment. This includes a shared responsibility for building and sustaining a respectful and inclusive space during Council and Council Committee meetings.

An Endorsement Statement on Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and Belonging is published on the online Public Submission form upon participant registration. It sets the standards of behaviour expected during Council and Council Committee meetings. It is expected that all participants (Members of Council, City Administration, and the public) will behave respectfully and treat everyone with dignity and respect to allow for conversations free from bias and prejudice.


The purpose of The City of Calgary is to make life better every day. To fully realize our purpose, we are committed to addressing racism and other forms of discrimination within our programs, policies, and services and eliminating barriers that impact the lives of Indigenous, Racialized, and other marginalized people. It is expected that participants will behave respectfully and treat everyone with dignity and respect to allow for conversations free from bias and prejudice.”


All visitors to City facilities are expected to follow the appropriate policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of everyone working in and visiting our sites. This includes respectful remote participation in meetings (call-in etc.).

The City’s Code of Conduct includes a Respectful Workplace Policy (HR-LR-001), as well as a Workplace Violence Policy (GN-040). Contractors, suppliers, volunteers and the public are expected to follow these policies.


Members of Council are committed to fostering and achieving high standards of ethical conduct. The Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Bylaw (26M2018) establishes rules that Members of Council must follow, and the powers and procedure of the Integrity Commissioner in exercising oversight over Members of Council.

City employees

City employees are a reflection of our diverse, resilient and vibrant city. The City’s Code of Conduct reflects The City’s values, employee promise, and requirement for employees to respect each other and the public. See our culture.

The City’s Code of Conduct includes a Respectful Workplace Policy (HR-LR-001), as well as a Workplace Violence Policy (GN-040) that City employees must abide by.

All City employees complete two mandatory training sessions every two (2) years to promote inclusion and equity in the workplace:

Code of Conduct training - The City’s Code of Conduct training is a mandatory eLearning that has been offered since 2018 to ensure employees are familiar with the Code, can practice values-based decision making, and have access to information and support if they are unsure or have concerns; and

Respect in the Workplace training – The City’s Respect in the Workplace training is a mandatory eLearning that discusses appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviour and the roles City employees play in fostering a healthy work environment. 

Reporting concerns

If something doesn’t seem right, safe or appropriate, you have options to voice your concerns.

The Integrity and Ethics Office

Within the Integrity and Ethics Office, the Integrity Commissioner is responsible for investigating and adjudicating potential ethics matters related to City Council when they receive a complaint. How the Integrity Commissioner receives, investigates and adjudicates complaints is set out in Part 3 of the Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Bylaw.

The Ethics Advisor provides advice and education to City Council and conducts alternative dispute resolution when a referral is made from the Integrity Commissioner.

For more information on reporting concerns and the types of concerns to report, please visit the Integrity and Ethics Office.

Whistle-blower Program

The Whistle-blower Program provides a confidential process for Calgarians and City employees to report suspected acts of waste and/or wrongdoing involving City employees, contractors, suppliers, agencies, and commissions over which Council has the authority to require general policies be followed.

For more information on reporting concerns and the types of concerns to report, please visit the Whistle-blower Program.