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Ward 6 - Richard Pootmans

February 2024 Newsletter


Hello Ward 6!

I hope you are enjoying this unseasonably warm weather with the outdoor activities that our great City has to offer, whether it is in our City parks, pathways or scheduled recreational activities. In this edition of the February newsletter, you will read about my rational for my single use items and tax rebate vote, good neighbour practices, drought information and much more. 



single use plastics


Single Use Items

After hearing from numerous constituents regarding their concerns with the Single-Use Items Bylaw I decided to vote in favour of the amendment to bring the bylaw a Public Hearing to hear from Calgarians and consider the bylaw repeal.

single use vote


The Single Use Items will continue to remain in effect until Public Hearing, which will be held in Spring 2024. At Public hearing we will hear from those who wish to speak at Council followed by debate and then the final vote.

Please sign up for my newsletters so that you can be advised when you are able to register for public hearing to have your concerns considered by Council.

If you wish to speak at public hearing or submit your comments on public submission please submit here


Tax Rebate

I did not support the tax rebate motion because Council spent a year developing this budget and listened to the public input in the November Budget Public Hearings. We do not have the time or resources to perform every function twice; this would be highly inefficient and costly. We are already making progress with our budget priorities which were driven by Calgarians’ calls for affordable housing, transit and public safety.

The impact of this rebate would be approximately $4.00/month for the average household. Renters may not receive the rebate.

However, I did support the amendment that put forward to seek service efficiencies for the 2025 mid-cycle budget deliberations.


Event Centre Updates

The City of Calgary and its partners have released the final agreements for the new modern event centre and community improvements in Calgary’s Culture + Entertainment District. For more information, visit the agreements page

Calgary is a global city and a growing city. We are attracting people both locally and globally, people who see an opportunity to make a great life in Calgary. As our city grows there will be opportunities and challenges – both of which need to be considered and acted upon – how do we build an affordable city and one where people can enjoy living in and visiting. Ensuring Calgary continues to be an affordable and attractive City for people to live in and want to visit requires thoughtful and intentional effort – and we’re continuing to act on both fronts.

The City is funding and making progress on housing affordability, public safety, and public transit. The City is also making sure Calgary is a good place that offers diverse amenities, resources, and attractions for the people who live here and those visiting. People are moving to, or investing in Calgary, because they see an opportunity to make a wonderful life.

The Event Centre Block and District Improvements will enhance the emerging C+E District, and better position Calgary as a tourist destination and as a lively entertainment hub. This is one of the many ways we’re supporting Calgarians by creating local jobs and employment in Calgary’s tourism, hospitality, and service industries – to name a few.


Event Centre: Capital Project Misconceptions

The City of Calgary's Chief Financial Officer Carla Male addresses some misconceptions about how capital projects like the Event Centre affect The City's budget.

2023 Budget Adjustments: Capital project misconceptions - YouTube



good neighbour


Good Neighbour Practices

Are you looking for more information about your responsibilities within your neighbourhood? This quick reference will get you started. Linked below are frequently referenced bylaws which set a minimum standard for neighbourhoods and help ensure that all Calgarians live in safe, clean and healthy communities.

Good Neighbour Practices (


Short-term rental business license changes in effect

Changes making short-term rental practices in Calgary safer are now in effect. As of Jan. 1, 2024, Council’s approved amendments to the Business License Bylaw governing short-term rental business licenses are aimed at bolstering accountability, ensuring safety and fostering a positive community impact. These revisions represent a step forward in our commitment to responsible short-term rental practices. These changes, approved by Council last June, are applicable to both new applicants and renewing hosts and operators.

All current and prospective short-term rental hosts are required to have a business license to provide temporary accommodation for compensation. Key changes to the business license application include:

  • Proof of the property owner’s consent, and if located in a condo, proof of the condominium board’s consent, for the short term rental to be offered to guests for compensation
  • A fire safety plan, which includes the floor plan required to be posted inside the short-term rental
  • A fire inspection to ensure safety standards are met and to validate the allowable number of guests
  • Proof of liability insurance coverage for the short-term rental
  • A review of the property for prior concerns

We have launched several awareness campaigns to inform short-term rental hosts and guests of the enhanced license approval and to promote the respectful behaviour and best practices expected of hosts and guests.

For more information, visit to watch recorded webinars on navigating the new business license requirements for short-term rentals, as well as how to improve short-term rental impacts to condo boards. Hosts and guests are also encouraged to download the updated Good Host and Good Guest Guides here.

In collaboration with the University of Calgary, researchers launched a two-part public engagement on short-term rentals in 2023. This initiative is one component of a multi-year research project aimed at developing an evidence-based policy framework for short-term rentals that is adaptable to market conditions. The final report and recommendations to Council will be made December 2024. Participation in this study will provide important information and insight to the University’s research team regarding the dynamics and nuances of Calgary’s short term rental market, its impacts, challenges and potential. 

To learn more about short-term rentals in Calgary visit Have questions about short-term rental licensing? Contact the Planning Service Centre to connect with a member of our planning team before you apply.


Winter Storm Pond Safety

Keep you and your family safe this winter by staying off community storm ponds.

Even if the ice looks frozen solid, the conditions are still dangerous. Unlike a normal pond, water levels are constantly changing, which creates unstable air gaps between the ice and water. Also, the water in these ponds contains sediment and contaminants, which weaken the ice.

Instead, find a safe City or community outdoor skating rink near you at


Preparing for Drought Season

Even though we do not currently have any water restrictions in place, we are encouraging Calgarians to continue to seek out ways they can use water wisely inside the home. This can include fixing leaks, taking shorter showers and only doing full loads of laundry. As Calgarians look ahead to spring and the likelihood of outdoor water restrictions, we encourage Calgarians to consider ways they can adapt their yards and gardens to use less water and to seek out ways they can conserve water inside the home.

The City of Calgary is proactively accelerating plans, procedures, and communications to be ready for a drought or water shortage situation and we will ensure that citizens and businesses are informed along the way. We are planning extensive communications to provide Calgarians with the support and information they need to take action to conserve water and use it wisely.

We also have a number of educational initiatives planned for this year including webinars and events. We will be attending the Calgary Home and Garden show and chatting with people about rain barrels, indoor and outdoor water conservation tips and drought tolerant landscaping. We will be at a variety of public events this year including the Green Calgary rain barrel sales, CalHort Garden Market and Mayors Environment Expo.

We do have plans to run a variety of communications campaigns around indoor and outdoor water conservation, leak detection and water wise gardening tips. I’ve included a list of resources for these programs below;  




Calgary Unplugged is an annual family-friendly Earth Hour event

Join us for music, entertainment and learn what environmental actions you can take in Calgary. Bring along some personal lighting and dance to the DJ when the lights go down for the Earth Hour party

Location: Central Library (800 3 Street SE)
Date: Saturday, March 23, 2023
Time: 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

You can still participate in Earth Hour if you can't make it to the event! Turn off nonessential lights, "unplug" from electronics at 8:30 p.m. and take this time to reconnect with people, play games or hobbies.

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