Soccer fields

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Calgary has hundreds of soccer fields available to book for soccer, leagues, tournaments or other uses.

Soccer field uses

Our fields can be reserved for a number of uses. Some examples are:

  •  Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Flag football
  • Touch football
  • Australian football
  • Gaelic football
  • Field hockey
  • Bocce ball
  • Quidich
  • Grass volleyball
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Triathlon
  • Modified biathlon
  • Cross country races
  • Day camps
  • Birthday parties
  • Movie in the park
  • Snowshoeing

Soccer field quality

Soccer fields are ranked by class (A-E), based on quality of amenities, level of maintenance and booking rates.

A-class premium fields

A-class fields are premium fields. These have staff onsite and amenities such as washrooms, lights, change rooms and possibly concessions.
Field maintenance: Higher standard of facility and playing surface. Field maintenance increases based on use and type of event.

  • McMahon Stadium 1817 Crowchild Trail NW.

B-class premium fields

B-class fields are quality fields found in most City athletic parks. They may have staff and/or amenities such as seating, lights, change rooms, washrooms (some portable) and concessions. Artificial turf fields have higher rental rates that vary based on seasonal demands.
Field Maintenance: Regular grass cutting. Corner soccer flags supplied.


C-class premium fields

C-class fields are located in athletic parks, but have no staff onsite and limited amenities.
Field Maintenance: Reduced levels of turf management.


D-class economy fields

D-class fields are found in most parks and are normally located near Community Associations or open spaces. They are unstaffed with no amenities.
Field Maintenance: By Calgary Parks. Mowing is sporadic. Surface may not be level.

Field tag numbers are found at the site either on the soccer posts or ball diamond back stop. If the first number is ‘1’ the field is a D-class facility (example: S1TUS02).

E-class economy fields

E-class fields are found on school properties. They are unstaffed with no amenities.
Field Maintenance: By the school boards (limited management).

Field tag numbers are found at the site either on the soccer posts or ball diamond back stop. If the first number is a ‘5’ or ‘6’ it is an E-class facility (example: B5MON03).

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