City of Calgary Archives exhibits

The City of Calgary Archives regularly prepares exhibits for enjoyment and education. The exhibits explore various activities and themes related to Calgary. Full exhibits are displayed in the Municipal Building’s atrium. A digital representation of both current and past exhibits are available below.


Welcome Home - WWI Veterans return to Calgary

World War One (WWI) soldiers sacrificed a great deal serving their country in the war. Although they were welcomed home with open arms, a lot of the soldiers experienced trauma and needed support to reintegrate into society.

Calgary Elections

Follow the evolution of municipal elections in the City of Calgary from the start of the Civic Committee, through the period of Proportional Representation and into contemporary electoral issues and voting modernization.

40 Years of Preserving History

The City of Calgary Archives was established in April 1981 in response to the growth of city records being produced. It was charged with the task of preserving memories, records of decision making, and the delivery of services to our city.

Calgary Hosts Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has been to Calgary five times between 1951 and 2005. Calgarians have always been excited to greet and host this Royal Visitor as you will see in this photographic tour, Queen Elizabeth II and Calgary's Royal Connection.

Valentine's Day: Searching for a lonely prairie bachelor

City of Calgary Archives holds historical mystery of the heart.

It’s a long way from mayor to matchmaker, but in 1921, that’s just what City of Calgary Mayor Samual Adams found himself tasked with doing.

Mayor's Office Exhibit

Various gifts have been given to the City of Calgary and the Mayor throughout Calgary’s history. These artifacts and gifts often represent the strong ties between Calgarians and the City. Explore this online exhibit which showcases a sample of these artifacts which were on display in the Mayor’s Office in Calgary’s Historic City Hall in 2021.

Clean and Cool Running Water

When Calgary became a Town in 1884, river water was used for washing. if you didn’t have a well, fresh drinking water could be delivered to your door for a whopping 25 cents a barrel! Discover how The City became involved in the provision of a safe water supply to its residents. Now clean and cool running water is found with the simple turn of a tap.​

Remembering 16 Days of Glory Days

​A photographic gallery of the XV Olympic Winter Games held in Calgary in 1988.